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Q. Is there a membership fee to gain access to the Invest Now, LLC contracts?

  • A. There is NO fee to gain access to the Invest Now LLC contracts. Access to our opportunities are free, it comes at no charge to you.

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Q. What is the quickest way to hear about new contracts Invest Now, LLC is offering?

  • A. Contracts are regularly added to our website, so check it often. In addition, you can sign up for immediate email updates of new contracts as they become available. It is recommended that investors sign up for the email update because our¬†deals sell fast.

Q. If I am interested in a contract, how do I secure it?

  • A. It's easy, contact Invest Now LLC immediately. An assignment document will be faxed to you. Please sign it and return quickly. The opportunities that Invest Now, LLC offers to our members are extremely lucrative and the turnaround time on these properties is days, not weeks or months.

Q. How long do I have to make a decision?

  • A. Because our opportunities are on a first come, first serve basis, if you are interested in a contract, it is recommended that you call Invest Now LLC immediately. Some of our opportunities are in default and going into foreclosure, therefore a quick decision is recommended.

Q. Can I get a conventional loan to purchase an Invest Now LLC opportunity?

  • A. In most cases our opportunities require a fast close and a cash buyer. If you do not have the cash required for closing, our preferred hard money lenders will assist you in closing. The majority of our investors temporarily use the hard money source to get them into the valuable investment opportunity then immediately refinance the loan to get into a lower interest rate and get their down payment back.
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Q. How do I qualify for the Hard Money loans?

  • A. Invest Now LLC provides opportunities that have such low loan to values that no qualifying needed. There are no credit checks, appraisals, or inspections. To qualify for bridge financing call Invest Now LLC.
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