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Why does Invest Now beat an auction every single time?

No Competition
Purchasing wholesale property differs in many ways than in buying a property at the auction. At the auction, factors such as competition with other investors and bidding up to market value can make your experience unpleasant, stressful and a waste of time.  In addition, there is an undisclosed amount of risk involved. Unexpected rehab costs can accumulate quickly, resulting in the property no longer being a profitable investment.  Invest Now LLC eliminates the risk by giving our members an accurate portrayal of the investment property and a strategic investment plan. Our members are provided with a market analysis of the property from our affiliate company Heaton Dainard's award winning agents, the estimated rehabilitation cost for a flip or for a rental with expert guidance on design decisions to maximize profits, and multiple creative exit strategies. 

Close through Escrow

Another benefit to purchasing a contract through Invest Now, LLC is escrow will always handle the closing of a sale. A title insurance policy will be issued before closing to ensure you do not inherit any other debt as a result of purchasing the property. This documentation guarantees that the property is purchased with a clean title and no other additional debtors will need to be paid.  If the property is purchased at the auction, many debts are unknown and the purchaser would be held responsible.  These include debts such as taxes, utilities or HOA dues.

Less Time
Invest Now, LLC takes care of the difficult and time consuming part of uncovering and evaluating potential investment opportunities. Our members have access to several contracts a month, in many areas and price ranges to accommodate all of our members and their objectives.  Invest Now is the first investment firm in the country to use BankTrak, the most sophisticated and innovative system for tracking bank-owned properties. We provide our clients with up to the minute updates on new opportunities.  We want to provide investors with ease and efficiency in their real estate investments in order for them to continue their real estate endeavors.

See the Property
Unlike properties that sell at the auction, the wholesale contracts offered by Invest Now, LLC are available to be walked through and examined. This allows our members to know, not guess, what shape the property is in, what kind of rehab projects the property needs, and to better ascertain what the rehab costs will amount to. Our members are able to make educated decisions on the purchase of a contract on an investment property without playing the guessing game as to what state the property is in. Knowing realistically what kind of income potential a property has is a large part of the decision to purchase an investment property. Seeing the property before you purchase it is a considerable part of that process. With Invest Now, LLC's wholesale contracts, this is not only a possibility, it is a reality.  Get started with a buyers' agent today!

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