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Invest Now simplifies financing.

  • 25% - 40% off fixed up value, Little down with reasonable terms
  • Get your fix-up costs paid for out of closing


Exclusive Funding Offered to Invest Now Members
Invest Now has an exclusive partnership with Intrust Funding, a private lending entity that specializes in short term bridge loans that are secured with the property and approved in less than 48 hours.  Our lending partner, InTrust Funding, offers cash lending to all of our clients to help facilitate a quick and hassle free closing.  Every investment opportunity offered to Invest Now clients has been analyzed and pre-approved as a lucrative investment that Intrust Funding wants to fund.  This helps ensures that our members won't miss out on valuable real estate investments before or even at the auction. Financing is one of the most time consuming components of a real estate transaction. Let Invest Now take care of your financing needs.  Visit for more information.



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